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How to manage Curly Hair?

After shampooing your hair, apply conditioner for 1 minute and comb your hair through.
You must use this kind of hair brush OR this comb. It prevent your hair from getting tangle or FRIZZY! 

After washing off your conditioner, wrap your hair with a towel for like 2-3 minutes. 

Once that is done, on your damp hair apply your "Goodlook Hair Cream" then followed by "Goodlook Mousse". This brand is REALLY good and affordable and the mousse protects your hair from the sun so it won't go frizzy, oily or dry.

And now you are free to style your hair any way you want it.  It will definitely enhance your natural curls.

This is what mine look like!


Tripple Date Surprise #BLACKSQUAD

It's been so long since I've blogged but oh well here it goes ;)

Monday- 6 July 2015

Basically us girls planned this for at least 3 weeks & It was so hard to keep it a secret cause my boyfriend keeps on pestering me to tell him what it is & I asked him to just wait hehehe. This was a congratulations on your POP surprise! 

We then had to blindfold our boyfriends to reach to the destination. 
(Nina didn"t blindfold Fir cause he found out HAHAHA)

Finally after all the stumbling,knocking into pillars & crossing the dangerous road we have reached our destination! PLAYNATION.

Once we reached we played FIFA 15 (i suck at it i'm not surprised) Ash was like freaking good at it! It was battle of the couple and Ash & Hilmi won. I will beat you next time I will be practicing hahaha. After that we chose our next games which was Just Dance. It was so freaking epic. (there would be a video at the end of the post)  

And now it"s time for food!!!!!!! We headed to Bricks & Cube its this cute lil lego cafe in The Cathay. The food was well just so so? And the service was really slow BUT i enjoyed how we all got to know each other more. So many hilarious inside jokes #MASHEM

Finally the food is here after almost like an hour of talking?

That was the end of our surprise. It went as planned & It was wonderful spending time with this awesome people. To many more outings with this lovely bunch. Now this is the video Nina did that sums up our whole day. Enjoy the video ;)