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゜✧˚♡My Everything♡˚✧゜

As he saw the sadness in my eyes, he quickly grab my hands holding on to it as tightly as possible. Then tears started rolling down my cheeks, he pulled me towards him and gave me a big hug. He looked at me for 4 seconds and then started to wipe my tears & kissed my forehead. In my mind I was saying, How can I not fall more in love with him? He loves me as much as I love him. I have always knew that he was the one. I love you❤️



I found out how to have soft hair like Demi Lovato and this is my fav for this month and i'm gonna keep using this! 

It's the TRESemmè shampoo & conditioner. I chose the "Colour Protection Shampoo" to keep my just coloured red hair from fading. If your hair is in it's natural colour, you can get the TRESemmè shampoo "For all hair types". I got the "Remoisturise" conditioner as it has the best fragrance. It also made my hair soft and the best part it is "For all hair types". I love colouring my hair. It can be brown today and red tomorrow but it made my hair dry and easily tangle. Since i got this, there are no more bad hair days. A bottle of 900ML cost S$11.90. It can easily be found in Gurdian Pharmacy. For my hair length it can last 3 months. 

Moroccan Oil

So i watched Zoella's video on her April Favs and she mentioned about using "Moroccan Oil" on her hair. She said "using a lil bit can make a difference" And so i went on a hunt and found this. Yes a lil bit of this on your hair can make a difference to your hair as it makes it healthier. It's S$15.90 for 100ML but it's worth it. Just apply a lil bit of this on your hair. Not your scalp. Once done, you can apply your "Goodlook Hair Cream", style your hair and you're ready to go! 
This is how mine looked like: 


On the left is "Charcoal Peel Off Facial Mask". You apply it all over your face, avoid the eye area and leave it to dry.  Once dry, peel it off gently. You can easily see all the whiteheads/blackheads stick on it as the mask is black in colour. Do this only twice a week and it's $2 (Diaso) 

The Vaseline Cocoa Butter is very good for chapped lips BUT you can also apply on your elbows and knees so it feels smooth. Vaseline is the best base for our lips. It is best apply before lip gloss or lipstick.  It's $2.50( any department store)

I hope you enjoyed this post and hope it helped someone out there. Have a great day ahead.xx

✽Perrie Edwards Inspired Look✽

Tie Dye Dress

Dress: $43.23 
Dr.Martens Boots: $120.00

My Version

Dress: $39.90
Chuck Taylors: $69.90

Floral Dress

Skater Dress: £14.99
Boots: £30.00

My Version

Dress: $29.90
Sandals: $10.00

♡ April Favourites ♡

Make-up Products

Basically i have been using Maybelline New York quite alot now.It is like my all time fav at the moment.

1) The Falsies (Black Drama)

This really makes you look like you have fake lashes and i really love that cause you don't have to waste money on fake lashes. You'll have natural fake lashes ;)

2) Clear Smooth B.B Cream (02 Natural)

Okay this is a really good B.B cream cause it's 8-IN-1 Skin Transformer ( Brightens, Evens, Smoothes, Refines, Clears, Conceals, Moisturizes & Protects skin.) and it's "SPF 26" which is really good to protect your face from the sun.

3) Hello Kitty The Hyper Curl  (Waterproof)

The hyper curl is also another one of my fav mascara cause it's waterproof and it also give your lashes that perfect curl and it's also a good mascara for a casual normal day look ;)

4) All In One Shine Free Cake Powder

You know how your face "Looks Oily" but it actually isn't even though you've used your compact powder? Then this compact powder is suitable for you. It's shine free and it gives you that smooth skin look which is awesome! 

Beautiful Soft Lips

1) Coca-Cola Lip Smacker

As you can see there is Sprite, Fanta Grape, Coke , Vanilla Coke & Fanta Strawberry. I am currently using "Fanta Strawberry" and yes it really taste & smell like Fanta Strawberry! How do i know? Cause i smelled it and i licked my lips to taste it HAHAHAHA. 

2) Forever 21 Love & Beauty Sheer Lip Gloss

This is really glossy and the color is just so pretty! As you all know my fav color is pink so i just had to have this sheer lip gloss! And i know how some people don't fancy using lipstick so i recommend this cause it gives you a really nice color on your lips.

Face Products

Garnier Light

This is a whitening & moisturizing cream. You apply this before putting on your make-up. It is "SPF 17" which is awesome. If possible always buy your make-up products or creams with "SPF" to protect your face from the sun. The higher the "SPF" the better it is ;)

Aqua Defense Foam

This is Garnier's new facial wash with "Apple Essence". It cleanse dirt and instantly refresh skin with no tightness. I have used this for 2 days and my skin is really smooth and my face smells like apples! If you've read my first post on getting rid of pimples, you can also use this facial wash then use the body shop toner and tea tree oil ;) 

How to get grid frizzy/dry/ split ends?

Nuance Airy Intensive Hair Mask

This hair mask is for light & bouncy hair and you apply on your last 15 cm of damaged hair. Also the mask deeply repairs and moisturizes. It also gives you that shinny, smooth and manageable hair. It has "Honey & Shea butter" which is really good. 

This is all for my April Favourites. Leave a comment and tell me what you think till next time. Goodbye lovelies.xx 

Little Mix Dress for less: Leigh-Anne's Inspired Style ✽

 Leigh Anne's Style

                                   Topshop Dweeb Crop Top: $32.00 |  Moto Acid Wash Swing Skirt: $56 (Topshop)                                       
                                   ModCloth Jade My Day Skirt: $47.99   

My Inspired Style

Payphone London T-Shirt: $25.00 [Brand Outlet]

Black Bandage Skirt: $15.00 [Cotton On & I added the black lace myself]

Studded Clutch Bag: $18 [Scape Underground]

Shoes: $169.00 [Nike WMNS Dunk Hi Skinny Hyperfuse]

Little Mix Dress for less: Perrie & Jesy's Inspired Style ✽

 Flower Headband

Perrie: Newlook £2     Mine: Self-made $4  


Mine: Pushcard ($20)                      Jesy: Boy London £40

Pink Pants

Perrie: American Apparel ($78)                  Mine: Pushcart ($15)

How to manage curly hair?♡

After shampooing your hair, apply conditioner for 1 minute and comb your hair through.
You must use this kind of hair brush OR this comb. It prevent your hair from getting tangle or FRIZZY! 

After washing off your conditioner, wrap your hair with a towel for like 2-3 minutes. 

Once that is done, on your damp hair apply your "Goodlook Hair Cream" then followed by "Goodlook Mousse". This brand is REALLY good and affordable and the mousse protects your hair from the sun so it won't go frizzy, oily or dry.

And now you are free to style your hair any way you want it.  It will definitely enhance your natural curls.

This is what mine look like!